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The Mulberry Pottery

Studio Potter Frank Polizzi

A full time potter for more than 4 decades, Frank Polizzi produces wood-fired stoneware, porcelain, and pit-fired earthenware.

His pieces are traditional in form and the locally dug, food-safe glazes add a vibrant and natural element for all functional and aesthetic needs.

14 Jail Alley Studio/Gallery at High St & Commerce St

This two-story 1940s Hatchery/Feed Store has been transformed into a first floor working pottery studio and gallery. The upstairs is a workspace for students of all skill levels.

Frank was honored as the Wisconsin Public Television 2009 Commemorative Artist. Many of his pieces, including this Stoneware Crock and Blue Dragon Handle Vase, were featured in the 2009 art auction.

Frank prospecting for indigenous clay.